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  1. Z

    Dragon Boat Race 2019

    Dragon boat race around HK every year, Mavic 2 is the best drone to handle all the track and trace, flying in between the dragon boats, feel like you are in the race~
  2. surf and turf travel

    Waterproof MP2...fact or fiction?

    I think I found the answer...
  3. TrayBoz

    Can you zoom with the Mavic 2 Pro at all?

    I know it doesn't zoom like the MP2 Zoom does, but will it still do the old digital-style of zoom the way the old MP1 would do?
  4. J

    Focus Functionality Question

    Have read a number of discussions on the Mavic Pro series REQUIRING you to tap the screen to focus the camera. Is this truly the case. AND now with the MP2Zoom, is this also the case or does the new feature of autofocus eliminate the need to take that additional step of touching the screen to...