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  1. Z

    Need suggestion for PC Video editing software

    I'm a good photographer with a camera but not very good at Mavic 2 Pro video shots. Friends are asking me to shoot residential videos and I need simple editing software to cut out jerkiness (when I pan the wrong way and have to pan back). Anybody have a recommended software that runs on a PC?
  2. Facherty

    Merging Overlength Mavic Air Video Files on the Mac...

    I always shoot at 4K 25fps, and quite often leave the camera running for almost the entire flight. I therefore end up with 2-3 clips, with 1-2 of them at a size of 3.7GB covering exactly 5 minutes of flight. This is a limitation of the Mavic Air filing system, and is not critical because the...
  3. N

    Better compression?

    Hey everyone, I've noticed that the compression on the Mavic is really bad compared to the Phantoms. You can mostly see that when shooting very detailed areas like trees. Do you think it would be possible for DJI to implement a better compression through a firmware update or do you think this...
  4. J

    MOV vs MP4

    Is there a consensus as to which is preferable? Or is it just taste? The reason I ask is I that I switched to mp4 yesterday just for kicks and for the first time I got the watercolor effect.
  5. Skydog

    Mavic Files - Location and Types

    Does anybody know of a resource that details all of the types of files and their location and purpose? I'm particularly interested in which files would be useful to the common flier vs the unix/linux type person. For Example 1. SD Card on Mavic - DNG, JPG image files, and MOV/MP4 video files...