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  1. foton

    Air 2s Some places in Bulgaria

    I will post here images and 360's from different places in Bulgaria - Drone photography - Тук ще публикувам дрон фотография от различни места в България с. Бодрово, след жътва лято - Bodrovo village fields, after harvest
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Flying over a giant waterfall in the mountains

    This waterfall is completely innaccessible from the ground, so I used the long lenses on the Mavic 3 Pro to film it from a distance.
  3. take a hike

    2 Pro A Speleo adventure at Montenegro

    CRANK UP THA VOLUME, HIT PLAY & SET FULL SCREEN This is my second visit at Montenegro in past 3 month, this time, I traveled w my speleo friends on a unique adventure in the underground, discovering few of the most unique pearls nature has to offer. A unique and exciting adventure to the depth...
  4. E-boy Avata

    Mini 3 Capturing deutz stuck in mud with camera

    In. this video i operate 3 cameras at the same time... it was very hard to multitask those three cameras with only 2 hands... flying a drone on the one had and a sony in the other. running back and forth between the scene and my home. but it was worth it. pls consider subscribing(it is free)
  5. winkiel82

    Pro Pieniny National Park

  6. Guillermo Menéndez

    Pro Arroyo Valizas y Laguna de Castillos - Rocha, Uruguay

    Before paddling through the Valizas stream to Laguna de Castillos from the bridge on route 10, a short overflight to see the landscape under the effects of this summer's terrible drought. @gmmv80 , january 2023.
  7. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Stop the McCannon Timber Sale! Save old growth trees

    I filmed this video last week while exploring in the Willapa Hills near Pe Ell, Washington. This legacy forest and its remnant old growth trees is almost unique in the area, as most of the original native forest has been wiped out. Sadly, the same fate lies in store for the big trees of...
  8. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 A stormy day over Coffenbury Lake

  9. Yaros

    Air 2 Lac Saint Cassien, France

  10. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Sunsets and November landscapes - filmed with the Mavic 3 Classic

  11. Kleem

    Air 2s An Ohio Sunrise

  12. Sandia Sunset

    Sandia Sunset

    Sandia Peak at sunset
  13. Fenton Lake

    Fenton Lake

    Fenton Lake NM
  14. take a hike

    2 Pro A drone adventure - The Ashalim wadi

    A winter time hike to the desert, one of the best trails in the area, full w/ cool cisterns, full w/ water, steep wall that you'll have to scramble through as you hike though the trail and beautiful scenery desert views. Scenery drone footage taken while climbing steep walls and scrambling in...
  15. H

    3 Random Scenes from May in Hawaii - A Music Video Project

    Hi again, Its been a while since I have posted on here. There have been some swells, alot of rain, and wind and some nice days in between. Here a small compilations of some beautiful scenes from this past month. Summer is rolling in and it looks like there will be lots of opportunities to film...
  16. SethB

    Mini 2 Waldo Lake, Oregon

    Just got around to editing this piece. Filmed in 4k on a Mini 2 early one morning in July 2021. It was an unfortunately short session due to being devoured by mosquitos. Footage from DJI Mini 2. Stills from Mini 2 and Canon EOS 80D. Edited and color graded in Premiere Pro CC. Music by Benjamin...
  17. H

    3 Summer is Almost Here - Surfing at my Home Break - Courts, Oahu, Hawaii

    Hi, Here is another new release of more surfing, more ocean, more waves of my favorite surf break- Courts. Got a new board and have been trying it out. Its been a slow time recently with the waves dying down but this weekend should be a fun time as we see bigger surf hit the South Shore...
  18. H

    3 Collection of Beautiful Hawaiian Sunsets w/ Lofi Music

    Hi Here is another video focusing on various stages of sunset amongst beautiful ocean backdrops. Some surfers make an appearance across this slightly longer video. Hope it relieves some stress and helps you zone out for a bit
  19. H

    3 Hawaii - Compilation of Stunning Shades of Blue

    Hi, Really loving the Mavic 3 and taking opportunities to keep shooting. While being amazed at some of the clarity we are seeing, my wife felt it would be fun to go through our videos and highlight really impressive shades of blue so here we are. Thank you again for watching.
  20. H

    3 More Ocean, Surfing, Waves and a Sandbar on Oahu's North Shore with a Soundtrack

    HI Everyone, Thanks for checking out the last videos we posted up. We are greatly encouraged that people like the footage and music. This video is from footage of the other weekend. I didn't know this at the time but a great big sandbar opens up when the conditions (waves, direction, wind...