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near crash

  1. Yaros

    A seagull almost took my drone down while I was overwater

    This was scary! I was returning my drone over water when suddenly out of nowhere I see a seagull flying into it, I push up but it's too late, my drone starts spinning and falling down! I see it spinning and then it loses signal. At that moment I was sure it fell into the sea and was preparing...
  2. F

    Almost Crash my Mavic Air

    Last friday I almost Crash my MA, I lost video feedback but I thougt it was going in an unobstructed courses so O keep taken it forward. When I regain video feedback I was stop by itself before crashing. First time I have needed the anti-collision sensors, good work DJI.
  3. A

    Can flying near radio towers interfere with Mavic Pro?

    Hi all, Just before I explain, I just want to say that I replaced my faulty equipment mentioned in the other thread and got myself a brand new, sealed Mavic 1 Pro. My Mavic's IMU and Compass is calibrated and showing as normal in the settings. In fact everything is showing as normal. I had...
  4. YngveN

    ATTI mode - close call - scare of the week

    Flying over water (getting some great shots) in Singapore. Took some time to find a launching spot, it was not ideal, but choices were few. Flew my first battery getting some good film and did a hangar 360 pano. Switched to the second battery, realizing it had auto discharged to about 55% since...