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ATTI mode - close call - scare of the week


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Feb 20, 2017
Flying over water (getting some great shots) in Singapore. Took some time to find a launching spot, it was not ideal, but choices were few. Flew my first battery getting some good film and did a hangar 360 pano. Switched to the second battery, realizing it had auto discharged to about 55% since I had not used it in over a week. Took it up for a short flight got some nice film, and made sure to bring it back in good time before the battery was depleted.

In both these flights I had problems flying away from me, as it was into the sun and the forward OA constantly gave warning. So to get where I wanted on my last battery (also at about 55%) I opted to fly backwards at full speed, when suddenly I hear the dreaded words "ATTI mode".

Not a particularly windy day, but the Mavic started drifting and I have little experience flying without GPS. Being over water, my priority was to get it back over land and hopefully back to where I was, and I was able to do so. I was prepared to risk it going into the trees close to me, rather than losing it in the sea. I got it close and in under the tree canopy still in ATTI mode, so drifting rapidly towards tree trunks and sign posts. It got as close as half a meter from a sign post when I was able to regain control and land it safely.

Certainly got my heart racing, but really happy I was able to get it back safely.

In retrospect I try to see what I did wrong

1. Less than optimal take-off(homepoint) location

2. Failing to fully charge batteries, day before flight

3. Racing back to home rather than taking it easy and giving it time to regain GPS


Had 19 - 21 satellites the whole flight, but multiple yaw errors, compass errors and IMU error. So I guess full calibration of all sensors is in order before next flight.DJI_0344_red.jpg

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