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yaw error

  1. Yaros

    Taking off near metal? How bad is it?

    I have seen people taking off from the top of their cars without any issues, and others report that it's a risk to take off anywhere near a metallic structure. I've also heard that it is okay to takeoff near metal as long as you don't calibrate the compass near the metal, so when the drone gets...
  2. J

    Compass error, Yaw error, IMU error and so on.

    Hi When i fly my Mavic Pro last night i got a lot of compass error, GPS error, Yaw error, IMU error and even "Weak GPS Signal", but it was connected to 23 satellites, so it should not be weak/bad GPS-signal. What could the reason be for all this errors? I landed the Mavic and restarted it and...
  3. U

    Speed error

    Couple of days ago my Mavic issued Speed error and as visible from the log also Yaw error and Compass error in a short period of time at the beginning of the flight. It felt like it was drifting uncontrollably for couple of seconds. Then everything came back to normal and there were no more...
  4. YngveN

    ATTI mode - close call - scare of the week

    Flying over water (getting some great shots) in Singapore. Took some time to find a launching spot, it was not ideal, but choices were few. Flew my first battery getting some good film and did a hangar 360 pano. Switched to the second battery, realizing it had auto discharged to about 55% since...