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  1. iReviewFrozenDinners

    Enabling ATTI/manual mode for Mini or Air 2 through DJI Assistant?

    Hi everyone, I know that there is a way to enable debug in the desktop DJI Assistant app and be able to change some parameters to essentially make either Cinematic/Tripod or Sport mode into Atti/manual for some models like the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom, but I was wondering if anybody has...
  2. P

    MA2 trying to land in the evening - ATTI?

    Rookie MA2 owner, decided to fly around the sunset time. Started off good but when it got darker there were warnings about no vision systems because of low light, guess I did not comprehend the significance of it at the time (or what can happen down the road). It was all good until landing. I...
  3. A

    Atti Mode & Battery Communication Error

    Hi all. I am also a newbie to this forum but this seemed like the best area to post this thread. I have looked for similar incidents but with no avail. I was recently flying my MM in a semi-underground cave in Mexico. All was going fine despite no GPS, when the drone suddenly went into Atti mode...
  4. SkyScan

    Magnetic Interference - no GPS no ATTI no OPTI- work arounds

    I'm trying to get a shot in a magnetic hotspot - an abandoned building made up of steel and concrete with two large 13 story voids as its central features. These voids rise from the mezzanine up towards an open skylight. The idea for my shoot is to fly up the 13 floors looking down and then...
  5. S

    Compass issues

    I know this topic has been done to death but I was wondering if anyone has had issues calibrating their compass in the mountains. I am in Geiranger, Norway at the moment and had a scary experience with my drone where it had compass warnings out over water a few 100 meters behind a cruise ship...
  6. MrRobville

    Launch from a moving ship?

    Hi there, With models like the Phantom, I've once read that you could launch the drone from a moving ship if you set it to Atti mode instead of GPS, to avoid the drone hovering away. I was wondering, would such a thing be possible to achieve with the Mavic Air? I recall it doesn't have an Atti...
  7. P

    Mavic Pro Platinum Atti Mode

    Hello from Ireland, Question: Can you switch to ATTI mode during flight..?? I think I probably know the answer because I have read up on all the information & it seems to point to NO So when flying into the wind in SPORT mode does it Automaticaly switch to ATTI mode. Thanks, Cheers,
  8. G

    No GPS at all :(

    Hey guys, hope you all doing fine, I'm sadly not. Two days ago I was flying my new mavic like a charm, everything was working fine. Yesterday, when I was planning to fly it again, i turned on the controller, the app, and finally the mavic, and, no GPS signal despite I have 6-5 satellites in...
  9. YngveN

    ATTI mode - close call - scare of the week

    Flying over water (getting some great shots) in Singapore. Took some time to find a launching spot, it was not ideal, but choices were few. Flew my first battery getting some good film and did a hangar 360 pano. Switched to the second battery, realizing it had auto discharged to about 55% since...
  10. A

    Crash Analysis ATTI Drift - Response Time

    Hello guys, Few weeks ago, I unfortunately crashed my Mavic Pro in th middle of the beautiful Taroko Gorges in Taiwan. The mission was launched a bit fast and was therefore a bit risky but space and visibility where OK, wind also OK. I used the ActiveTrack mode. Around 1.20min on the video...
  11. J

    Looking for help with log file. Lost gps

    Mavic just started drifting away... Anyone know what happened? Thanks in advance!!!
  12. G

    ATTI mode crash but happy end

    Just wanted to share my near catastrophic first flight for other rookies out there who may be tempted to try their Mavic indoors. So, I come in late from work carrying that sweet new Mavic, sun is setting so I figure I'll take it for a short test flight indoors - I live in a refurbished barn...
  13. N

    Mid air malfunctions poll

    Hi everyone! I'm still waiting for my Mavic (should have it on Monday or Tuesday supposedly), but in the mean time I've been browsing this forum. I've seen a few posts about sudden loss of control in the air.. things like: •unexpected ATTI mode, sudden loss of satellites •someone said they had...