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near miss

  1. johnnybflyguy

    flying three miles high, catastrophic collision.

    Monday 17 September 2018 According to the Doncaster Free Press. A passenger plane with 240 people on board narrowly avoided a catastrophic collision with a drone as it took off from Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport. The drone, which was flying three miles high, was just 100 feet away from the...
  2. Cookedinlh

    6 Seconds to a Mid-AIR

    This video was produced last year by some fellow pilots and I around how hard it is to see a drone. Most of them own their own aircraft and regularly fly in rural Ontario. Flat open spaces and mostly in good weather. So how hard is it to spot a drone when you are at the controls and what should...
  3. Y

    (Warning) Avoid this low battery RTH mistake

    Hi guys, I had a near miss. I just wanted to alert you of this so nobody loses their Mavic Pro. I was filming a lake. I parked my car on one side of the lake and I launched my drone from the opposite side of the lake. I completed my filming and knew the drone's battery was pretty low at...
  4. pjnorris

    Survived a collision - a lesson learned!

    I had a near miss last weekend with my Mavic Pro, with a tree! 1) Make sure RTH altitude is higher than the average tree. 30m wasn't enough. 2) Ensure you have smart RTH enabled, so the Mavic will attempt to retrace it routes (Edit: not factually correct - see my post reply below) 3) Ensure...
  5. Tim M

    Had my first encounter with a flock of birds

    Out doing a test shoot of active track and a flock of pink and grey galahs decided they wanted a closer look. I didn't know what to do other than hope they didn't hit it
  6. Annevanzwol

    Near miss flock of doves / Water purification plant

    Now I can add doves to my bird list. So far I have a goose, seagull and a strork. Wonder what would have happened if I had not ascended. Strong wind when shooting. Amazing machine
  7. Annevanzwol

    Too close for comfort / near miss

    Today I learned that geese after they are startled they tend to circle back coming in from the side. This one goose was actually flying upside down to avoid my Mavic. Boy I am glad the goose was so agile. No harm done. 7 consecutive frames from a 30 fps shot. Happened very quickly.
  8. Cookedinlh

    Wanna Be a ROGUE Pilot

    If you think getting a cool YouTube video is worth doing this . . I would hope you don't fall in with these guys. These are not balloon sightings . . . . this is seriously wrong.
  9. Cookedinlh

    Are you trying this?

    This is just 4 of the hundreds of similar cases being reported since January. Hope you are part of the solution by warning others of the dangers being created by these guys . . of gals maybe? The threat is real and needs to stop. It may seem like a fun challenge when you think of doing it . . ...