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need help

  1. M

    lost mavic in Leiwen, Mosel, Germany

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I apologize for this first post. You only look for forums when something happened. But I promise to be more around in the future. On Saturday I lost my Mavic. It was a sunny day with only a very small amount of wind. I started with a fully loaded battery, but...
  2. RobotPants

    Help! Take-off Failed: check motors and props

    Crash: yes Problem: Take-off failed Phone: I-phone DJIGO4 app Hello, I am pretty new to drones and the Mavic Pro Platinum I recently purchased. After a drift into the side of my house "crash", then fell about 13 feet to the cement. I had a broken landing peg and 4 busted props. I replaced the...
  3. C

    Getting a lot of no fly zones

    Hi, Does anybody know how to bypass or disable the no fly zone? Cause I used to fly in my large backyard a lot, but today when I turned it on to fly I got the no fly zone and I couldn’t take off? Any suggestions how to do this?