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  1. A

    Exposure Value

    Had my mavic pro out for a flight the other day on a bright sunny day at the beach. I was trying to achieve 4K 24fps with 1/50 shutter speed using a cheap neewer ND32 filter to get that "perfect cinematic look". To my surprise the exposure meter was somewhere in the +1 to +1.5 area. Is it time...
  2. Amarand

    Columbus, Ohio

    Hey all! I live over on the west-side of Columbus, in Galloway, closer to Hilliard. Any fellow fliers close-by? Here's my rig:
  3. L

    Did anyone tried Neewer PL+ND filters?

    Hi. I stumbled upon this filter package on eBay, and wondering if anyone tried it: Neewer Multi-coated 6 Pieces Filter Kit for DJI Mavic Quadcopter As far as I know only PolarPro and Freewell offer combined ND+PL filters, but those are MUCH more expensive than this set. Neewer seems NOT to...