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new jersey

  1. macfawlty

    2 Pro Cape May, New Jersey

    Here's my latest video catching up on my backlog of aerials. Shot with my M2P and MA2.
  2. RoarRoar

    Air 2s Off Season Flying in Ocean City, NJ

    Was in Ocean City doing some work and put this "For Fun" video together after I was all done. Hard to believe that in two months the boardwalk and beach will be packed.
  3. R

    Scouting for Freelance Gigs!

    Hi all, after I got my part 107 license last week, I have been looking for NJ Drone Pilot forum, until I stumbled upon here. I am sure there are a lot of veteran pilots out here who would be able to shed some light on a few queries I have. Recently, I had applied to a few firms for freelance...
  4. C

    New Mavic Air owner....

    Hello! I just bought my first drone (Mavic Air) and I am very excited. I have flown it few times and I love it. I was just wondering for any tips or advice that anyone may have about the Air or just in drones in general. Also, I am from NJ so if anyone knows any good spots to fly there or nearby...
  5. m chaussettes

    New Drone Pilot from Flotsam's Mistake, New Jersey

    I am a new owner of the Mavic 2 Pro and it is my very first drone. I am no stranger to aviation as I hold a private pilots license with Instrument Rating. I am currently working on my Glider Rating. I am also studying for the Part 107. I have worked in photography, film & video most of my...
  6. nkosi

    A Walk On The Beach [500px Editor's Choice Award]

  7. P

    Flying in NYC & NJ

    Hello fellow pilots ! I will be visiting NYC for a week and would love to take some amazing shots of lower manhattan. From what I've googled so far I understand it's almost impossible to legally fly. Due to NYC restriction which forbids any drones in the whole NYC. However there are countless...
  8. Pakubear

    new guy photos

    just two i took with the MA. fist ones of a public library in town the second week i got my drone. And the second is from Bay Head NJ when i was down the shore. some LR editing. thanks for looking.
  9. Carljames72

    New Pilot from Notrthern NJ

    Hello everyone. I have been flying for almost a year now. I started off with the toy quads/drones. Purchased a few lemons along the way but that’s gonna happen. Once I flew the Mavic Pro, I was hooked. Hoping to add the MP2 if that’s what we all are expecting. I still have tons of...
  10. princephoenix

    Hello from Elmsford!

    Hi there, New pilot checking in! Just got Part 107 certified and looking to become a paid pilot! Looking for new areas to fly in to photograph and film in the tri state area, as well as in PA! Let's network! -Princephoenix
  11. K

    Newbie looking for help on where to fly legally

    Hey everyone, just got my first drone and I am super confused on these FAA laws. I know i'm not allowed to fly withing 5 miles of an airport, no higher then 400ft above a structure, over people and in restricted areas. What I just don't seem to comprehend is on the NJ map by b4ufly it seems...
  12. Recklessfxdf

    Hello from Central/ Jersey Shore--- New Jersey

    Hi Everyone! I am new to this hobby and I figured joining a forum will help me meet people and stay current on trends within the drone world. I am from central NJ and I love traveling and photography so the Mavic pro was a perfect fit. I ordered my drone last night and ordered some accessories...
  13. simplyRik

    New Jersey Mavic Owners

    Just ordered mine today from B&H and would really like to find others to share tips, tricks and other information regarding the Mavic and Flying in North Jersey.