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new jersey

  1. R

    Scouting for Freelance Gigs!

    Hi all, after I got my part 107 license last week, I have been looking for NJ Drone Pilot forum, until I stumbled upon here. I am sure there are a lot of veteran pilots out here who would be able to shed some light on a few queries I have. Recently, I had applied to a few firms for freelance...
  2. C

    New Mavic Air owner....

    Hello! I just bought my first drone (Mavic Air) and I am very excited. I have flown it few times and I love it. I was just wondering for any tips or advice that anyone may have about the Air or just in drones in general. Also, I am from NJ so if anyone knows any good spots to fly there or nearby...
  3. m chaussettes

    New Drone Pilot from Flotsam's Mistake, New Jersey

    I am a new owner of the Mavic 2 Pro and it is my very first drone. I am no stranger to aviation as I hold a private pilots license with Instrument Rating. I am currently working on my Glider Rating. I am also studying for the Part 107. I have worked in photography, film & video most of my...
  4. nkosi

    A Walk On The Beach [500px Editor's Choice Award]

  5. P

    Flying in NYC & NJ

    Hello fellow pilots ! I will be visiting NYC for a week and would love to take some amazing shots of lower manhattan. From what I've googled so far I understand it's almost impossible to legally fly. Due to NYC restriction which forbids any drones in the whole NYC. However there are countless...
  6. Pakubear

    new guy photos

    just two i took with the MA. fist ones of a public library in town the second week i got my drone. And the second is from Bay Head NJ when i was down the shore. some LR editing. thanks for looking.
  7. Carljames72

    New Pilot from Notrthern NJ

    Hello everyone. I have been flying for almost a year now. I started off with the toy quads/drones. Purchased a few lemons along the way but that’s gonna happen. Once I flew the Mavic Pro, I was hooked. Hoping to add the MP2 if that’s what we all are expecting. I still have tons of...
  8. princephoenix

    Hello from Elmsford!

    Hi there, New pilot checking in! Just got Part 107 certified and looking to become a paid pilot! Looking for new areas to fly in to photograph and film in the tri state area, as well as in PA! Let's network! -Princephoenix
  9. K

    Newbie looking for help on where to fly legally

    Hey everyone, just got my first drone and I am super confused on these FAA laws. I know i'm not allowed to fly withing 5 miles of an airport, no higher then 400ft above a structure, over people and in restricted areas. What I just don't seem to comprehend is on the NJ map by b4ufly it seems...
  10. Recklessfxdf

    Hello from Central/ Jersey Shore--- New Jersey

    Hi Everyone! I am new to this hobby and I figured joining a forum will help me meet people and stay current on trends within the drone world. I am from central NJ and I love traveling and photography so the Mavic pro was a perfect fit. I ordered my drone last night and ordered some accessories...
  11. A

    NIB Mavic in South NJ for sale

    I'll be in Las Vegas until Friday... So we can do a deal there. Preference is to sell locally or all costs are on buyer. Going away so I need to sell by Tuesday night. My ebay id is molder101 for any who want confidence with...
  12. simplyRik

    New Jersey Mavic Owners

    Just ordered mine today from B&H and would really like to find others to share tips, tricks and other information regarding the Mavic and Flying in North Jersey.