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new pilots

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    Noob from Chiraq

    Greetings and salutations fellow mavic pilots. I finally pulled the trigger and got a drone...mavic mini. Had 2 flights so far one in Chicago when the weather was somewhat decent, second was yesterday in FL, business trip. I love the fact that I can have my drone in my backpack and still have...
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    New Pilot Checkin from NY

    I look forward to engaging and getting to know the group! I love the drone community and I am excited to be apart of this! - Sean -- Long Island, NY
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    Greetings from Clemson, SC

    New drone enthusiast here. I'm a consultant in agriculture at Clemson, and taking a deep dive into research in remote sensing (drones/satellites) and GIS. Currently using DJI Mavic for solar energy research in agriculture. Loving drones and GIS so much, I'm considering a career change or...
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    Aloha from Aiea (Hawaii)

    Hey everyone and Aloha! I've just ordered my mavic thanks to DJI's promo and snagged a 20% off. I'm completely brand new to the drone world and have been trying to find out all that I can to make sure that I don't do anything stupid. Looking forward to meeting everyone here and to learn from the...