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  1. Damdamin

    From Metro Manila, Philippines

    Hello everyone, I'm just a newbie here and I' am using Mavic Air 2. Just a newbie in piloting my drone.
  2. I

    First Drone, Southern MD

    Good evening folks! I'm a new drone pilot (working to actually become a helicopter pilot too!) Just wanted to say hello and let you guys know that any advice or suggestions would be more than welcome. I've already googled a bunch of questions and been directed to this site so I'm very grateful...
  3. T

    Calling all British Mavic Air newbies.....

    Hi folks I have a Mavic Air fly more combo. I have put about one hours flying into it and I'm amazed at just the beginners level. It seems I have amassed 7000+ experience points and am on LV8 - whatever that really means. This is the culmination of my flying so far > Would any British...
  4. J

    Doc on common issues / solutions / settings for Newbs for Mavic Pro

    So I've been trawling YouTube videos and forums for the last week and ended up going round in circles so I've compiled a crib sheet on some of the Mavic Pro issues I've come across on my travels. Its specifically in reference to settings, common problems, solutions and rules of thumb...