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nfz help

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    NFZ with permission - DJI says "no"

    i am super-heated up right now - and either need talked off the ledge - or - a mavic pro alternative. i am a part 107 licensed UAV PIC & professional videographer. i have permission from the airport tower to fly in their restricted airspace & i cannot launch because a chinese company wants to...
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    Another NFZ Question/How to add *Places*

    Greetings. I properly logged off then logged in to use the NFZ option and successfully got flight permission as ot a local airport. After this, I was still unable to fly and I see that there is another airspace zone overlapping the one I already disclosed and got permission about. But I cannot...
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    How NFZ's work with the Latest Firmware.

    I found a new video by Dragon7 that demonstrates the NFZ implementation in the latest firmware. Please note that older firmware will behave differently. Doing anything from instantly landing to bouncing off the NFZ fence and flying away. Enjoy Rob