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night flying

  1. P

    Mini 3 Pro Night Shoot Settings Help

    Hi I’m new to nighttime video shooting and I was wondering about the recommendations in Pro mode? Shutter 150-24p, ISO 100? And should I have the noise setting at -1 or -2 and sharpen setting ? thank you for your help
  2. Derlisz

    Mini 3 The night belongs to Mini 3 Pro

    Mini 3 Pro has turned out to be the exact drone I was waiting for and more. I didn not expect that finally I will be able to get a great quality video not only during the day but after the sunset as well. I'm quite happy with the way this video turned out but let me know what you think. The...
  3. B

    Strobe lights/spot lights/any lights: What to do?

    Hi all. Quick question: I enjoy flying at night but would really like to 'spice things up a little' regarding adding lights to my drone. What are your thoughts on what to try? I am a little confused my strobes, etc...?
  4. DownandLocked

    Acceptable 107 Night Flying Waiver Language

    I having trouble understanding the complexity of applying for a waiver to fly at night. There HAS to be boilerplate language that would be acceptable to me and the FAA. If so, where can I find it? Why should I have to guess at what would be acceptable provisions in the application only to be...
  5. A

    Night Waiver Recommendations

    Hi Guys, I need some help here. My waiver got denied & I thought I was very thorough in my application. Can anyone help point out what I am missing? I'm new to this, constructive feedback only please. Thanks in advance. Part of my drone business includes aerial photography & videography of...
  6. C

    The Best Drone Lights Ever???

    Are the STROBON Cree® Standalone Strobelight The Best You Can Buy For Your Drone?