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night photography

  1. J

    ortho-photo-mosaic pictures at night

    Dear all, I would like to find out good camera/drone settings to create ortho-photo-mosaic pictures (stitched) at night. Tested few times and getting mostly unusable and blurry pictures due to fact that drone does not stop long enough to take properly exposured pictures. Does anybody have...
  2. ykwarks


    surprised to see what this little mavic can do with such a small sensor!
  3. M

    Still Image Artifacts and corruption raw hdr long exposure

    Sorry if this is duplicate but I got multiple images the other day with heavy artifacts. Maybe it has to do with HDR in combination with long exposure. Is this common? Metadata ISO 800 1/5 sec exposure on Mavic Pro (This is a raw image and I possibly used HDR mode with it)