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no image transmission signal

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    Random No Image Transmission While Flying

    I ventured out and tried a new flying place this weekend. First battery flew fine. About 30% into the second battery I was maybe 1600ft away and look away from my phone and back down and it was just a black screen with "No Image Transmission". I panicked and hit the return to home button hoping...
  2. M

    No Image Transmission, brand new Mavic Pro Platinum

    Hi guys, First of all, merry Christmas to you all! I finally received the new Mavic Pro Platinum, and I have not been able to see the preview in the phone since first unpacking it. Although, it is flying, it is not a good call to fly without a view on your phone. I have noticed several...
  3. J

    Black screen/ no transmission signal

    hi, bought a mavic last week from apple and took it out yesterday to fly. I had trouble connecting to the go4 app but eventually got there (the activation kept failing). Got it flying but the video stream to my phone (iPhone 7 plus) was half cut off. So today i took the drone back to apple and...
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    Air Encoder Error (0x800000)

    I received my Mavic Pro yesterday, and I am getting the Air Encoder Error (0x800000) message. Have not even flown the drone yet. Just out of the box. I also cannot see anything on my iPhone that is attached to my controller. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling DJI Go 4 App, tried a...