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no signal

  1. danCER

    A Litchi Mission Go Awry-or so I thought

    Hello. I have flown Litchi Missions ever since I bought my first Phantom 3 Standard, and my drone has always returned even though the signal was often lost for a few moments. I have flown Litchi missions with my Mavic, but only a few. I made a nice 8 minute mission, loaded it on my tablet, and...
  2. A

    Gimbal board broken from crash? ribbon & cam line cable replaced, neither gimbal movement nor video!

    Hi Guys, i crashed my mavic, ribbon cable and camera line cable ripped off. I bought replacements on amazon and replaced them with the help of a YT video. I recon everything went fine, all connectors fit good. BUT: I have no gimbal movement when turning the mavic on (no calibration, no...
  3. G

    No GPS at all :(

    Hey guys, hope you all doing fine, I'm sadly not. Two days ago I was flying my new mavic like a charm, everything was working fine. Yesterday, when I was planning to fly it again, i turned on the controller, the app, and finally the mavic, and, no GPS signal despite I have 6-5 satellites in...
  4. H

    Mavic lost video, maps and gps 1500 ft away

    Hi , I was flying in a park today and decided to go over a gorge to do some aerial shots of the road bridge. I flew up over the trees and headed to the gorge, when the mavic got there (around 1500ft away) the maps on my iPhone disappeared and the video feed cut out. On the controller I didn't...