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not working

  1. X

    Mini 3 Pro RC Offline Maps Not Installing

    I just got the Mini 3 Pro and I’m trying to download maps on the RC, but it’s not working. I’m connected to Wi-F and can clearly see that’s working, but I just can’t download any offline maps. What is the deal? Is this a firmware issue? And speaking of firmware, whenever I go to see if it’s...
  2. J

    Mavic air controller beeping due to stick issue

    Hi, When using my mavic air, when I push the right stick forward, the drone moves front and goes higher. When I push the right stick backwards, the drone moves back and down. I switched off the drone and saw the values in the calibration screen. When I push the right stick alone, it shows 100%...
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    In desperate need of help

    i’m in desperate need of help so i went to Kauai Hawaii last week to record a bunch of footage with my camera, osmo action and mavic 2 pro, and today i decided to take a look at all my drone footage that i got (which was a lot) but when i plugged in my micro sd card to my pc it said i had to...