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  1. D

    Cinematic Drone Film Of Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

    Here is a film I made in one of Sydney's best beaches consisting of a variety of different shots taken with a mavic mini.
  2. D

    Sydney Australia Cinematic Drone Video Mavic Mini

    This beautiful drone video showcases stunning locations around Sydney ? enjoy!
  3. Fishman Dan

    Hastings Point - NSW Far north coast (Australia)

    I travelled into the NSW/QLD 'Bubble' on the Far North NSW Coast to play footy yesterday, and took a moment after the match to head out to Hastings Point. A beautiful winters day on the north coast - temperature approaching the mid-20's, a gentle sea breeze, not a cloud in the sky and the...
  4. Fishman Dan

    The lake in a paddock - North Coast NSW

    This is the lake that sits in the middle of a paddock just behind our street, 5 km's west of Casino (beside the Bruxner Hwy to Tenterfield). It's hard to fathom how large this lake really is, but I set waypoints to circumnavigate the lake, with a detour straight over the middle, and it was a 2...
  5. vpctv

    Coffs Harbour NSW

    Here is a little something i shot the other day before the cyclone Debbie remnants hit us.