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nvidia shield

  1. V

    Mavic air controller with Nvidia shield k1 tablet?

    Was just curious if anyone was using the shield k1 with the mavic air controller. Also curious if anyone had a tablet holder recommendation and/or sunhood recommendation to use the tablet with my mavic air. Any thoughts?
  2. Sparky

    Has anyone got video shaking like this?

    For the first time today I tried going into sport mode on the Mavic Pro and noticed severe shaking of the video. I'm using a Nvidia shield K1 for the control tablet. Also using the new low noise props. Normally in non sport mode the video is much smoother. Update, just found out this...
  3. R

    IPAD mini 4 -or- Nvidia Shield K1

    Looking for best outdoor display for mavic - which is preferable. I know tablets, but not either of these models. please advise. tnx!