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ocusync air system

  1. J

    Mavic Air with OcuSync Camera

    Anybody have the Racing Edition goggles and thinking of using the OcuSync Camera on their Mavic Air? If so, have you thought through any redundancies you'll face with the different but necessary communication protocols? Don't know, was just thinking about it and wondering if this would...
  2. Mad_Angler1

    DJI Goggles Race Edition & Ocusync Air System Unbox & Look Over

    A few weeks ago DJI announced the Racing Edition of the DJI Goggles, this new version has a large number of upgrades over the standard model, Analog 5.8 Ghz FPV support, 5GHZ Ocusync with Ocusync DVR recording, a redesigned visor and headband with red leather and expanded playback support to...