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offline maps

  1. B

    Map issues!?!

    What is going on with Offline Maps? I just can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere. I am flying both a Mavic 3 pro with RC Pro remote, and a Mini 4 pro with RC2. Both have SD cards more than capable of holding plenty of data. When I go to download an offline map, sure I can "select" an area...
  2. X

    Mini 3 Pro RC Offline Maps Not Installing

    I just got the Mini 3 Pro and I’m trying to download maps on the RC, but it’s not working. I’m connected to Wi-F and can clearly see that’s working, but I just can’t download any offline maps. What is the deal? Is this a firmware issue? And speaking of firmware, whenever I go to see if it’s...
  3. I

    Offline map location

    How and where the DJI Go application is storing the offline maps?
  4. G

    Coast-to-coast offline map option?

    Hey! New to the forum. Hope everyone's enjoying their spring flight plans! I just picked up the Mavic Air and I went the route of a second mobile phone (Huawei Ascend XT, no SIM, optimized) instead of my current cellphone, which was a pain to link up with the controller (connection is dodgy...
  5. O

    Offline maps in Australia

    Anyone able to get Offline maps working in Go4 within Australia? By this I mean opening up the app while connected to the Internet, but not connected to the RC/MP, and using the apps "Offline maps" selection - from the top right "3 bar" menu option. I'm using a WiFi only Android tablet and...
  6. Gustavo Aguiar

    Offline maps not available at DJI Go 4

    Hi, I use my Mavic Pro with 2 devices. The first one is a Moto X Play, there I can find the option to download offline maps through DJI Go 4, but when it comes to the second device, an Asus Zenfone 2, this option (offline maps) is not available. Does anyone knows why? Thanks!