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  1. Dave A

    Offline maps, do they auto load the right one.

    So if I have downloaded several offline maps when I go to fly at a location will Go4 automatically select the map for that area as long as I have pre-downloaded it? Offline maps worked well for me yesterday but if tomorrow I drive to a location an hour away will Go4 auto open that map as long...
  2. Dunczyk

    Offline maps added

    Hi. I updated DJI GO4 a few minutes ago and found ... offline maps !!! Finally. Android + DJIGO4 ver4.2.12.
  3. mph300

    Go 4 Manual in pdf form

    For those offline times.
  4. D

    Offline Firmware upgrade possible?

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help. I'l trying to upgrade the firmware on the Mavic as I'm having compatibility issues with the phone app, however, my internet connection is very slow and occasionally drops out, so I want to find an option to download the firmware and update locally if...
  5. Y

    Check Mavic before buying

    Hi! I'm going to buy DJI Mavic from a unofficial reseller - unfortunately, in my country this is the only way to obtain this drone, without paying a fortune and waiting for few weeks. And I want to check it before buying, and not just visually, but also I want to turn it on and see if it's...