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    Problems connecting Oneplus 5 to Remote Control

    I've just started with my Mavic Air. I have a Oneplus 5 mobile and i'm not able to connect it to the remote. I've tried using the small cable that plugs into the side of the remote, i've tried the large cable that plugs into the USB port at the bottom, and no luck. The app doesn't let me click...
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    Huawei P10+ or OnePlus 5T/5

    Hi guys, I´m about to buy a new phone for my Mavic, cause my old Samsung A3 does not work with it. I was thinking about Huawei P10+ or OnePlus 5T or just 5. Each has a good 6GB RAM (or even 8GB with the OnePlus) which I think should be enough..but I´m really scared it won´t work with the drone...
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    OnePlus 3T / Type-C RC Cable issue

    Hi, I'm facing an issue with the connection between my Smartphone (OnePlus 3T) and my Remote Controller. In a nutshell: The connection is flaky. Sometimes it may work for quite some time (especially if the drone doesn't fly) and the next time it constantly disconnects. I suspected that my...