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  1. Amarand

    iPhone 8 Plus in Otterbox Symmetry Case

    So...just got my Mavic Air today, and realized that the iPhone 8 Plus in an Otterbox Symmetry case doesn't fit the Mavic controller (issues: the cable won't fit into the stand-off of the case, and the case won't physically fit.) So, there are options. The first being "don't use a case on my...
  2. P

    IPad Mini 4 Lightning Cable choice

    I apologize if this question has already been answered, but I jut got the iPad mini 4 for the Mavic and it is in an otterbox defender case. I am looking for recommendations on a lightning cable that will work with that case on. I also use it in a mav mount, so needs to be a slightly longer...
  3. S

    Mavic Pro Remote w/ Iphone & Otter Box Solution

    I've only had my Mavic Pro for a couple of weeks, but I was already getting tired of having to remove my iPhone from it's case each time I wanted to fly. I hardly ever take my phone out of the case since that's when I seem to drop it and cause unnecessary damage. I did some looking around at...