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over water

  1. Gringorio

    2 Pro Desert and sea

    Messing around with perspective. This spot looks like it'd be fun to kayak to.
  2. 787steve

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

    Went out on a whale watching cruise this afternoon. I did not take my Mavic, but I did bring it to Maui with hopes of getting some good shots from the shore. I figured over the water, down low, no traffic worries. But while in the Maui straights, we saw an Air Force C-17, cruising along at no...
  3. tydrones

    I need your thoughts on this please?

    Hi all, I just need a general opinion on this, as it's my first time colour grading any of my drone footage, so please give me your opinion if I did a good job or what I can do to improve ? As I try to make my next video better than my last. If you enjoyed it please drop it a like ☺️ thanks. Ty
  4. GoodGuy

    Oops - Close Call!

    Close call this morning - and a good reminder to keep my eyes on my drone! Looks like the Mavic is pretty robust though...
  5. Marco Cantieni

    Black Forest Lake

    I catched a quarry lake on the western edge of the Northern Black Forest. Let me know what you think. Thanks!