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panorama mode

  1. I

    Looking for advice: low light panorama is blurry

    Hi guys, Since i have M2P i' m very satisfied with it (mostly for still pics and panoramic photos) and our 10K € large drone is mostly resting in peace at home :D So untill now, everything worked great, but few days ago i tried to shoot dusk panorama for the 1st time, with F2.8 ISO 1600...
  2. B

    Less sky in a panorama?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a way to get the gimble to angle downwards during 180 degree panoramas? As is, half the picture is always sky which is sometimes nice but often seems a bit of a waste. Can't find anything in settings....anyone help ?
  3. V

    Website for displaying your panoramas

    One of the problems with panos is that while they are way cool (in my opinion) most pilots don't have a mechanism to show them off on the web. I have developed a website that works with google earth. A marker is shown everywhere a pano has been shot. I am thinking about opening this up to...
  4. kcoleman805

    Blurry Spots on Panorama on Mavic Pro

    I love the new Panorama feature available on the Mavic Pro but have noticed sometimes when I take photos with this feature it is blurry in some spots. Please help me figure out my problem. I have attached some photos to show you what I mean.
  5. FlySafeUAS

    Sport Mode is your friend

    To make a long story short, I was taking a pano shot with Mavic Air. (this gives awesome results IMO.) The location is a small river through the woods. Sun light filtering through the limbs. Nice mini rapids for the photos with light reflections all over. So, after getting the mavic air over...
  6. D

    Wikipedia's description of the Mavic Air: Everybody will want one

    "The Mavic Air was announced on 23 January 2018, for release on 28 January at a starting price of $799. It is marketed as a smartphone-sized drone that can fit in a jacket's pocket. "It features a 12 MP 4K HDR camera, mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, and has a new panorama mode, which stitches...