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Looking for advice: low light panorama is blurry


Dec 21, 2018
Hi guys,
Since i have M2P i' m very satisfied with it (mostly for still pics and panoramic photos) and our 10K € large drone is mostly resting in peace at home :D
So untill now, everything worked great, but few days ago i tried to shoot dusk panorama for the 1st time, with F2.8 ISO 1600, exposures 1/30 and 1/50, but the results were pretty blurry seems that it could be because of wrong focus?
I' m thinking to go outsite today for another trial, is it possible to focus manually in pano mode?
Have anyone tried this mode in low light, if so, i'd be happy to hear any reccommendations!
Thanks in advance!
ISO may be too high. ?
From what I’ve seen, focus needs to be done prior to entering pano mode. I could be (and have been) wrong.
That would result in higher noise (but M2P dng' s are somehow still ok even with iso 1600), but not blurriness. With normal DSLR i'd suspect lower time - we have problems with blurriness with our large drone below 1/100, probably because of large vibrations, but with m2p, people are shooting even long exposure pics 3sec or even 6 sec, so the only remaining thing is wrong focus (?)
I' ll test it tonight, i didn' t focus in pano mode during the day, the results were perfect, but perhaps i have to face to some easilly recognisable and focusable object (i' m shooting Alp villages with dark surrounding forests) and focus manually furst, before starting auto pano. Perhaps you're right, i' ll try this, thanks
If it’s one image I would chalk it up to slow shutter and a gust of wind. You’re shooting at dusk when heat exchange can cause unstable air. Seen at sunrise and sunset. I have had this happen with the middle image being blurred but all others good. Wind during shooting.

Best thing to do when shooting slow shutter images. Pano or otherwise is to shoot the scene 2 or three tunes from the same location. Hope one works. If not. You could pick and pull the pieces that do. Of course not always possible if the subject has movement, major light changes. Etc.

I’ve been shooting a lot of hyperlapses recently. Sometimes in good conditions I’ll get a major shift in the sequence caused by a gust of wind. Only takes a second.

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