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low light

  1. DJI_0057.JPG


    Low light attempt using hdr
  2. I

    Looking for advice: low light panorama is blurry

    Hi guys, Since i have M2P i' m very satisfied with it (mostly for still pics and panoramic photos) and our 10K € large drone is mostly resting in peace at home :D So untill now, everything worked great, but few days ago i tried to shoot dusk panorama for the 1st time, with F2.8 ISO 1600...
  3. R

    Who says Mavic can't do low light?

    I don't generally post my own work, but as an example and inspiration of the (sometimes debated) Mavic capabilities. Use this sensor wisely and it'll do good things for you:
  4. A

    Mavic Pro Midnight Flight

    Testing the capability of Mavic Pro Low light performance. Video taken at Midnight hour.
  5. welsewool

    Low light / Night shots flight settings

    Hi everybody! Yesterday was my first low light flight and I faced a lot of issues. 1. Mavic is drifting a little bit both vertical and horizontal 2. DJI Go warned me about Obstacle Avoidance system problems So I wanted to ask few questions: - should I turn off Obstacle Avoidance system or...
  6. T

    A night scene with my own music

    Hi all, flew around this nicely lit church the other day, around midnight. The weather was misty and cold and the scene was very mystic to me. It inspired me to try out my capabilities as a composer as well! I wanted to catch the atmosphere of the scene to the music while I wasn't able to find...
  7. T

    Low-light flying over a Finnish medieval cathedral and old town, long pan

    Tried out a long pan around a medieval cathedral in the evening. Thins got a bit noisy in the darkest scenes, but the lighter ones were quite ok. Added the texts to try out the motion tracking -feature in Premiere Elements 15.