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part 101

  1. R

    Foreigner traveling to US, wanting to legally fly a drone - any advices?

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post in the forums. I'm a proud owner of a Mavic Pro Platinum living in Chile, South America. I'm traveling to the Miami Beach next month and I'd love to take my drone along but only if able to legally fly it on the US, for recreational purposes only. I'm not a US...
  2. TheoMatthias

    Another sUAS Checklist Template

    I have been using a sUAS checklist template that really didn't fit me very well. I wanted something I could use for both Part 101 & 107 operations. Then, I discovered a PDF checklist (originally developed by George Stowers) that came very close to what I was looking for. The only problem was...
  3. E

    San Diego Presentation - Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018

    Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018 Date and Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, starting at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: 14 CFR Part 101 and Part 107 FAA sUAS Rules covered. This includes: Recreation, Public Use and...
  4. E

    San Diego Presentation - Risk Mitigation Strategies for sUAS Pilots

    Risk Mitigation Strategies for sUAS Pilots On Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 18:00 Pacific Daylight Time Location: Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library 9005 Aero Dr., San Diego, CA Community Room San Diego, CA 92123 Speaker: Jay Bernstein from Clarity Aero, and other sUAS Industry Leaders...