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  1. R

    Mavic Air 1 Landing gear right-back replacement parts

    Dear fellow pilots- My Mavic Air 1 (I know it's not actually denominated with a 1 but just put it there for clarity) had a minor run in with some tree foliage and tumbled to the ground from about 5 meters / 16 feet. There was no harm done and after recalibrating the vision sensors it flies and...
  2. O

    Replace rear arm feet

    Hello, I crashed my drone and the little feet (motor cover w/light) on the bottom of the rear tharms popped off. The area got a bit dinged up and now the plastic pieces do not seem to snap in that well. Does anybody know the name of thsi part and if there is info on how to find the part and...
  3. H

    Screws and warranty question

    Does anyone know why a few of the screws have a plug like thing in them? Is it to see if you violate warrant? It’s like glue in the top so you can’t tighten loosen the screw. I want to tighten the screw because I found some loose ones but I don’t want to violate my warranty. DJI was absolutely...
  4. C

    Can you guys take a look at my parts list for my first drone?

    I'm hoping to automate my drone and control it with my laptop, I'd like to focus on thrust and stability for moving objects safely. Here are my parts so far :) Frame - 110mm 13g £9.26 Alfa Genie110 110mm FPV Racing Frame Freestyle Stretch X Frame Kit For RC Drone Propellor - 2435 Nylon 4...
  5. M

    MPP need part

    Hi there, new to forum, I own a MPP, and recently had a small run in with a tree, and lost a small part. I am missing the cover on the bottom/underside of the left rear arm. The drone flie s fine without, but I would like to sell this drone and upgrade to a mavic 2 zoom. I googled around and...
  6. S

    Help finding out what this drone is

    Hello, I've been looking around d for about week now and still not much. I bought a used drone at city auction, but didn't come with a controller and it was a crashed drone. There's no name brand or markings besides whats shown on the pictures below. Im trying to get it to fly again. Any help...
  7. I

    Mavic Pro Leg remplacement

    Hi guys, Im actually looking for a Mavic Pro Platinium Left Front leg ( only the leg, not the complete arm) Would anyone have one to sell for me ? Thank's a lot illicodif
  8. S

    Pro parts vs platinum pro parts

    So my question is a slightly rhetoric one but I don't definitely know the answer so I'm asking for clarity. Does the MP and MPP share similar hardware all the way to the roots? I crashed my drone yesterday and I am looking for a ribon cable and vibration board but I am only seeing it labeled...
  9. Haloweenhamster

    landing leg & black wire aerial

    Hi I need a left landing leg and the PCB or PCB and cable for the black aerial Will it be easier to source and replace the leg and aerial or whole arm The leg is missing so I can't repair it and the cable has pulled the pads off the PCB If anyone is going to offer parts I also could do with a...
  10. jaywilkinson929

    Damaged Mavic Arm Leg - Looking for parts

    Hello, I've damaged the arm leg on my Mavic Pro and am looking for a replacement arm. I've had a google around and found several sources (on eBay etc) selling the Mavic Arm, but it's just the leg which I require. See pictures: Does anyone know where I may be able to find a replacement arm leg...
  11. Jake12

    Front left leg

    Need a front left leg please. Will buy complete arm if have to. thanks.
  12. E

    Camera separated from the body

    The camera was separated from the body when it was accidentally dropped. Seems the camera and it's pivots are not damaged, but the two cables and the attaching plastic bracket are broken. Does anyone know if I can purchase the two cables and the plastic mounting bracket? If so, who do I ask...
  13. bwall525

    Factory Parts?

    Does anyone know of place to get replacement parts (specifically the gimbal / camera unit) for the Mavic Pro?
  14. Techcop50

    DJI is now shipping spare parts for Mavic

    I apologize if this is a redundant thread, just received these via FedEx: