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    Hello, I have a big question, and I hope someone will be able to answer me ! Thanks I have the opportunity to buy a new MAVIC PRO for cheap, >> BUT I need a drone which can carry a heavy payload ( approx. 2kgs) , more like a SKYHERO X6 , TAROT 680 , 3DR X8+,.... I like the MAVIC PRO since...
  2. C

    Payload Dropper for Mavic Pro Platinum

    Newbie to this forum: Hoping someone has recommendation (even something inelegant) for a payload/drop demonstration being done at an industrial cybersecurity event next week. Doing a simple "Drone Toss" carrying a lightweight beanbag and drop through a hole for a demonstration at the conference...
  3. I

    A likely dumb question about carrying a toy camera.

    I have a completely theoretical, likely stupid question about a dream I've had for a little while, ever since I heard about drones I thought it would be super cool to carry a very small, lightweight instant camera on a drone. I've heard the Mavic lifts about a kilogram. Would it be possible to...
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    Mavic Pro Payload

    Does anyone know the Mavic's payload yet?