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  1. A

    Anyone know what makes Mavic air so pathetic at flight times???

    So recently I’ve been thinking and I cannot for the life of me figure out why the Mavic Air is so inefficient with regards to battery consumption. I see that there is a new drone that almost looks like a carbon copy which is made by XO and it’s called the Black Hawk two and this seems to have a...
  2. Drone Operations and Skill Training Enhanced using Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation.

    Drone Operations and Skill Training Enhanced using Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation.

    Drone piloting and operations enhanced by bilateral transdermal auricular stimulation. This is the first post on my new channel and am are excited to be shar...
  3. I

    What is a good Drone Phone running Android 11? (MavicMini)

    Hi, I'm clumsy and arguably an idiot, so I don't like fumbling with a $1300 phone when I want to fly my skycamera. Trying to chase down the supported devices on the DJI Fly play store uri is a mess when I also need to remember that I've subscribed to DroneLink and I've had a lot of fun learning...
  4. S

    Using Mavic mini FCC in Europe

    Hello, next mounth I wil be in USA for two weeks and I am thinking of buying Mavic mini from there. I will use it in Bulgaria/Europe, so my question is how the FCC version will perform in Europe and will I get better range than tha CE version? Thank you. :)
  5. MohaDXB

    Radio / RF logs

    Hello everyone, Is there any logs giving detail about - Tx power / Rx power - EIRP - SNR - Frequency uplink / downlink - Interferences details Anything related to the RF part please ? Many thanks
  6. W

    Tablet performance tab s2 T713 with Litchi screen recording

    Hi, Like to purchase a tab s2 T713, but can't find how the performance of the tablet is in combination with Litchi and GO4 running the latest Android version 7. What is the expirience when running screen recording and Litchi with the Mavic Pro. Running smoothly? What is the expirience when...