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  1. San_Marino

    Air 2 Peru in 3 Minutes

    Went to Peru in June and had an amazing time. Here are some quick shots of what the country has to offer. I got some of my favorite drone shots in the country as well. The opening shot in the video is one of the best shots I have gotten with the Air 2.
  2. Laguna Willcacocha

    Laguna Willcacocha

    Cóndor3D. The Mountain Institute ( dirigida por el Doctor Jorge Recharte, es una ONG que durante más de 20 años ha estado al lado de las necesida...
  3. Chadnovz


    Im going to Peru in a few hours. Wanted to know how your experience was with your drone regarding customs at the airport. Read that some had to put a deposit and some didnt.
  4. G

    Bringing the Mavic to Peru

    I'm going on the classic inca trail 4 day hike in July and while I was told NOT to bring my Phantom because it's too much of a hassle, the Mavic is probably perfect. The problem is trying to find people who have brought the Mavic into Peru via Lima. I've read different accounts that were all...