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phantom 3

  1. D

    Phantom 3 no Landing Button, no Transmission

    Hello everyone, happy Christmas! I have expanded my drone fleet, the DJI PHANTOM 3 Standard! Two questions I noticed after the first test flights, where I have not yet found a suitable solution to. 1. in the quick description you can see a button that initiates the landing from vertical...
  2. Steve LaBranche

    FOUND: DJI Phantom 3, Big Sur Ca.

    Found in the Big Sur California area, appears to be a DJI Phantom 3. Pic of model, serial #, FAA #. Is there a way to find owner?
  3. cients390

    Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal!

    Dear colleagues Mavic Pilots, It is an honor and a privilege to be accepted on this group. Was flying a Phantom 3 Professional for almost 2 years, for personal use and some institutional support, however, decided to sell this great aircraft. The main reason to do it is related to portability...
  4. D

    ATTI mode for Phantom 4 and Phantom 3

    The Phantom 4 can be deliberately flown in ATTI mode - correct? And can - or cannot - the Phantom 3? Forgive me for asking but I seem to be getting mixed information. Thx.
  5. R

    Phantom 3 - Does it have internal Memory to record video like the Mavic Air?

    Phantom 3 - Does it have internal Memory to record video like the Mavic Air? I know the Phantom 3 is older, but I'm trouble shooting for a client.
  6. Cookedinlh

    Search and Rescue - Mavic Search but unable to Rescue.

    Not sure how long this little guy has been HUNG UP! . . but it looks fresh . . I was called by a neighbour today and took this with my trusty Mavic. Really hidden in the branches and can't believe how wedged it is. It was difficult just maneuvering around the thick branches to get this pic but...
  7. donatas1

    Flight over Iceland

  8. donatas1

    Christmas lights.Merry Christmas 2018

  9. donatas1

    Birds VS Drones Attack by Birds

  10. donatas1

    I Love you Iceland

  11. donatas1

    DJI Phantom 3 ICELAND SHIP

  12. donatas1

    DJI Phantom 3 professional 4K.Fly a Drone Ship Smyril Line Cargo.

  13. donatas1

    Flying Drone Off Cliffs Iceland.2017

  14. donatas1

    Crater of the volcano Eldborg

  15. Fried Toast

    Greetings from Sendai, Japan.

    Mavic finally arrived this week and it went on its maiden journey this afternoon/evening. I love the size, but otherwise, not impressed. It was just above me and it did a Return To Home due to radio interference. It also flashed "Battery Warning" a couple times. Bad start. I pulled out the...