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  1. 1TenaciousG

    Absolutely LOVE My Wetsuit and Rescue Jacket from Phantomrain

    After testing, both the Wetsuit, and Rescue Jacket, that I purchased for my Mini 2, I could not be happier! The low center of gravity, your Rescue Jacket provides, allowed my Drone to easily surf the swells caused by an errant speedboat at our local City Lake, without danger of tipping over, or...
  2. IMG_20210711_105429_413.jpg


    Wetsuit and Rescue Jacket by Phantomrain, "Super Red" glossy skin, and Quick Release, Triple Propeller set.
  3. 16270463183232236785960602550056.jpg


    Side view of my "Valkyrie" with the Wetsuit and Rescue Jacket made by Phantomrain
  4. 16270462815668992235965661921378.jpg


    My "Valkyrie" tricked out with the Wetsuit and Rescue Jacket from Phantomrain.

    Phantom Rain - Super Zoom : Post you Super Size Pics Widescreen

    Made these to fit those that have the Wide screen. 36 to 38 monitor wallpaper. Post your Super Size Crops for us Wide Screeners Cropped parts of the Super Zoom Pictures You can find these pictures stitched together in the media folder. They dont look like Super Rez Pictures until you...