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  1. 0BC33849-729F-4A58-AA38-6BE29588A2EE_1_201_a.jpeg


    Drone over Philadelphia
  2. S

    Flight Around Ben Franklin Bridge

    flew my Mavic Air Around the Benjamin Franklin bridge in Philadelphia
  3. P

    Flying in big cities (heliports galore)

    Hey all, Just got a spark yesterday and registered with the FAA. I'm in Philly and airmap shows I'm in the 5mi radius of an airport and 26 heliports. Calling all of them for a 15 minute flight is just not worth the hassle. B4UFLY also tells me I'm within a 5mi radius bit won't show me which...
  4. Adamcain112

    Bucks County PA

    Cloudy day looking over Falls Township park in Bucks County, PA if you look far back you can kind of see Philadelphia. On a clear day you can really see it.
  5. B

    Mavic in Philly

    Little video I put together flying over Boathouse Row.