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  1. LP Drone Videos

    Philippines in 4K

    Check out my video from the Philippines. If you like it subscribe to my channel. thank you :)
  2. P

    El Nido Islands Explo - Aerial 4K

    Hello all, I’d love to share with you some airborne highlights of El Nido, Palawan! Of course, it’s definitely better in person so feel free to come and explore. If you can only visit one, though, I still recommend Coron, Palawan a bit more for reasons like Japanese shipwrecks and fish variety...
  3. D

    First try making short video with Mavic

    This is my first time to actually fly my mavic other than in my backyard. Lesson learned: 1) fly smoothly by using exponentials on the sticks 2) fly straight and slow 3) It helps in editing to plan your flights and shot the subject from different angles 4) practice practice practice I still...
  4. J

    Flying the Philippines

    Just spent 3 weeks in this gorgeous country, capturing the best of what we experienced! The locations: Boracay Cantimbuhan Island Coron Bohol Tumalog Falls Manjuyod Sandbar Let me know what you think, constructive criticism welcome! :)
  5. G

    Manila Drones

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone knows of any places in Manila, Philippines besides the Henrys Camera branches where I can buy a Mavic Pro? I crashed mine in Puerto Princesa and am looking to get a replacement before I move onto Cape Town. Thanks