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  1. Divine

    Mini Follow Me On Instagram

    Follow my Instagram HERE for cinematic drone photos Feedback would be appreciated
  2. A

    Images opened in PS, LR, and Cap1 are being cropped automatically and are entirely different from preview. Help!

    Hello folks! So i have been having this problem where editing software decided to shrink my raw files. When I compose my shot, i do it thru the DJI Go App, with my camera on 3:2 setting, with only RAW enabled. On the phone preview they look kinda pixelated and strange. I grt them home and the...
  3. Jeff's world.jpg

    Jeff's world.jpg

    sphere from mini 2 sphere app and then into photoshop
  4. R

    Photoshop - Motion Blur

    I used Lightroom and the filter "Motion Blur" in Photoshop CC!
  5. Sun Rises In The West

    Sun Rises In The West

    I have tested some features in Photoshop
  6. S

    How take a 48mp photo with mavic pro (not a panorama)

    Hi guys, Recently I posted how big can you print out a photo from mavic pro 12mp, and I shown that was possible to get pretty good A3 sizes with good sharp under 30 cm far, which is amazing. I got quite intrigued if would be possible to get bigger sizes, but you know, we run into technical...
  7. R

    Help! Can't open .dng images in Photoshop

    I'm using Photoshop CS3, when I try to open the .dng images shot on my Mavic I get a message stating that CS3 could not complete the request because it is not the right kind of document. How can I open these?
  8. M

    Photoshop CC for video editing

    i did a quick search for this and did not see an answer. Does anyone one PS CC for video editing? If so, what are your thoughts about it? Thanks! Mike
  9. Mavician

    Adobe profile for FC220 camera Mavic

    Hi. I'm inspecting some photos taken by the Mavic Pro FC220 camera. Looking at the Adobe Raw profiles DJI is listed with some profiles for FC2xx and FC3xx series but the FC220 is not yet listed. Can we expect that DJI will provide a profile for this camera in the near future ? Tnx, Phil