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  1. Cheech Wizard

    Crazy ATC arguments with pilots.

    Hear what goes on in ATC workdays: MORE : planes and control tower arguing - YouTube
  2. RoadieMunky

    Mavic Pilots App (Admins?)

    Hi Admins, Not sure where to post this or e-mail this, so thought i'd stick it here. Feel free to tell me off if I'm in the wrong place. Anyways, My phone (android) recently updated (can't remember what app or what kind of system update), but it did say that Mavic Pilots app was no longer...

    Hello for Brampton, Ontario, Canada - Looking for a Co-pilot / Check out my Mavic vlogs on Youtube

    Just wanted to say Hello to the great community here! Please drop me a message if your local and want to fly... LOOKING FOR A CO-PILOT / BUDDY TO TRAIN WITH... I am actually new to Ontario, Canada and was looking for a Co-pilot based in the local area maybe near Brampton to collab on vlogs and...
  4. clackey Launched

    The $99 DJI/Ryze Tello is now shipping from both DJI and Amazon. Order one today then come join us at the new!
  5. clackey

    New SparkPilots Launched

    We are making some final tweaks to the new site but come on by, create your account and start chatting it up! DJI Spark Pilots Drone Forum Btw, don't confuse us for That isn't us. Someone purchased the domain just an hour or two before us (when the spark...
  6. TrayBoz

    How many pilots / retired pilots are mavic owners?

    Just curious, how many of you are either actual pilots or retired pilots? (As in, Licensed Airplane or Helicopter pilots. Not just 107 certified.)
  7. M

    New Pilots at Honduras

    Hello to you all! I got my mavic on Dec/17, not much flys by now cos of whether, but done some, so far so good! hope other pilots from Honduras here and if so let me know! Happy flying!
  8. Z

    Hello from New Jersey!

    New Pilot received mine last Friday. can't wait to go out and fly! need to know the cool places to fly in Jersey.
  9. DesertWindAero

    Age of Mavic Pilots?

    Following up to a post by ElGuapo, seems like we have quite a range of folks flying the Mavic. I thought it would be interesting to see what the breakdown is...