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  1. A

    Flying in Pittsburgh

    Hello! I am an engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. I have been flying Dji drones for about two years now...I started with a used Phantom 3 Standard and upgraded to the Mavic Air this past may. I was wondering if anyone has any experience flying in Pittsburgh! I know that it is...
  2. SkyIScrape

    Reporting FAA map errors

    One out of five airports on here don’t exist. One “airstrip” is a tri-county region’s garbage dump. Has been for 17 years. It’d be nice to have accurate data.
  3. SkyIScrape

    Much needed app: Where CAN i fly?

    Anyone know of an app that tells you where you CAN fly and to what altitude? B4Ufly has personal airfields listed that dont exist anymore. Two of them I know personally have been landfills for at least 7 years. i feel that map is 50% b.s.
  4. J

    Hello from Pittsburgh, PA

    I have had my Mavic for two months now. Love the image quality. I plan to take the FAA test in the next month.