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  1. T

    Planning Waypoints on your computer?

    Hi, Is it possible to plan waypoints on your computer so you can have a larger screen to plan out your routes using the DJI Air 3 with the DJI RC2? Thanks.
  2. N

    [Mapping] Why would you use a single grid mapping plan vs a double grid mapping plan?

    I just had a question about mapping and different uses i'm sure the answer is common sense however I wanted to be sure. Why would you use a single grid "Lawn Mower" style vs a Double Grid "Checkers board" style What does each provide that the other wouldn't? What is the pros and cons of...
  3. Dunczyk

    easyjet regulations

    I just finished talking to the easyjet helpdesk. They said that I could take 2 batteries for hand luggage and one unloaded for an additional one. Anyone can confirm this?