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power plant

  1. roflyer

    3 A Rainforest Hydroelectric Power Plant FPV Tour

    Flying the Avata on this wonderful dam in the Amazon Rainforest!!
  2. jemcik

    2 Zoom Power plant in Kyiv, Ukraine

  3. A

    Favorite Videos of 2017?

    What were your favorite videos of 2017 and for you long time flyers, what was your most view video of the year? Below are mine! Would love to hear feedback and to see what everyone else favorite and most viewed are! Happy Holidays! FAVORITE: MOST VIEWED:
  4. A

    Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant - 4K

    Anybody know of any abandoned places that would be cool to drone? Currently researching ideas of places to go or visit to drone out of the ordinary realm and would love some feedback! Anything helps! Thanks!