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  1. theoaristi53

    New photovoltaic power stations

  2. D

    New Owner.. Can't get Drone to stay on and connect to remote

    Hi everyone I am a new Mavic Pro owner.. I just got it yesterday.. Got it all setup.. both drone battery and remote battery are fully charged,,, got my samsung galaxy s6 hooked up to the remote.. i got the app up..i can turn on the remote. it keeps saying connecting then it starts beeping with...
  3. C

    Power block reliability and poor DJI response

    Hi I've just got off the DJI online support tool. What a waste of my time. I kept on being warned the system would log me off because there had been no activity for 5 mins. They was because they were taking over 5 minutes to ask the next question. End result very poor. My issue was my Mavic...
  4. D

    Why inceased power consumption upwind?

    Does anyone know why the power consumption in sport mode at full speed is about 15% higher (from radar readings) when going upwind vs no wind at all, even though the tilt angle is the same at the maximum tilt angle of 35°? Using the moving slab of air concept shouldn't the power consumption be...
  5. kbowerma

    Tapping power

    I have been working on an external GPS location tracker based on the particle photon and electron. I am prepared to use a single cell lipo but would like to see if there is an elegant way to tap into the flight battery. I don't think I can use that micro usb port on the side while in flight...