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Power block reliability and poor DJI response


Jan 31, 2017
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I've just got off the DJI online support tool. What a waste of my time. I kept on being warned the system would log me off because there had been no activity for 5 mins. They was because they were taking over 5 minutes to ask the next question. End result very poor.

My issue was my Mavic Pro power block that has gone faulty. The battery charge cable is fine but the USB sockets are dead. This is less than 13 months after purchase and perhaps 20 uses of the sockets. I made the date of purchase clear from the start but it took them over 20 minutes for them to say the warranty had run out. I made that no secret from the start. If the answer was tough luck why did they take so long to say it and ask so many irrelevant questions?

DJI clearly ape Apple as much as possible as judged by the blatant copying of elements of the Mavic Air presentation and packaging but it seems this stops at even approaching Apple's customer service response and flexibility. I have an Osmo and two drones and have never made a claim on their cover. Despite this they did not offer even a discount on the replacement of what is clearly an unreliable item. I know from many years with Apple their response would have been a free replacement in the next post under these circumstances. I wonder what would have happened if I'd purchased from an Apple store?

A really unhappy



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Dec 30, 2017
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Sorry for your trouble. Strange how the usb outlets went bad. They got em on Amazon. It may be time to get one of those fancy blue ones...