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premiere elements

  1. JoostGT3

    Color grading in Premiere Elements

    So, the other day was a perfect spring day, and I found the perfect spot to fly; for the first time, I took the time to set the video properties with post-processing in mind; put the whitebalance to "Sunny" and the profile to D-Cinelike. But then when I arrived home, I learnt that apparently it...
  2. F

    Premier 15 Project settings

    First time editing Mavic 4K video with Adobe Premier 15 and wondering if someone can recommend the correct Premier Project settings. Looking through the options I don't see a setting that matches the resolution and frame rate of my original video.
  3. Calhoun Ranger

    Adobe Premiere Elements 15 question

    For commercial drone pilots doing a lot of video, how many of you use PrE and are happy with it? I know there are many video processing options, but this one seems to fit my needs. One specific question: can Elements handle RAW video and do a good job with all of the tasks necessary for...