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prop guards

  1. E

    Prop Guards Cause Weird Crash

    Took my Mini 3 Pro out for a quick flight with some new prop guards yesterday (lots of trees on my property), and wanted to test the obstacle avoidance out to make sure it would stay away from hazards when flying at low altitudes (I was using Cinema mode). Wanting to see how close it would get...
  2. MiniSEPilot2022

    Mini SE and Prop Guards

    New pilot. Still learning the best practices for this activity. I got a set of prop guards for my Mini SE, and the instructions say not to fly the drone with the guards attached except in windless and low-altitude or indoor environments. Why is that? What's the issue with using prop guards...
  3. kinol

    Best prop guard for close-ups

    Hey guys! I am Ignat Kinol. I am directing a film shot on flying drones only. We use mavic pro for close-ups and a bit of inspire for wides. I am searching for the best prop guards for mavic. They should be cheap and light. So our actors don't freak out. Thanks. Ignat
  4. RidgeLink

    MP DJI prop guards

    Being that I have had a few incidents with trees jumping front of me I decided I could help prevent further prop damage by installing a new set of DJI prop guards. Went good for a while but had another incident yesterday. The good thing is that I did not damage my props, but my prop guard...