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Mar 16, 2017
Being that I have had a few incidents with trees jumping front of me I decided I could help prevent further prop damage by installing a new set of DJI prop guards. Went good for a while but had another incident yesterday. The good thing is that I did not damage my props, but my prop guard exploded like a piece of glass. WTF? Anybody have a suggestion for a more durable prop guard?
I'm very curious what causes you to crash your drone into trees all the time.... [emoji85]
Not all the time, but 2 times too many now. I like to fly through the trails FPV in the forest behind my house.
Yeah those prop guards are quite good and reasonably cheap, I've only used them once and can't say about battery life impact as I only shot a short indoor scene with them.

They won't stop twigs, or stuff hanging down from above or poking up through them in a descent though, they are really only effective against something like walls or fairly large tree trunks as the gaps are fairly big, so for flying near trees and bushes I'd probably use the fully enclosed prop cages from DJI which never seem to be in stock and cost a lot.
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I have the same occasional issue with trees that jump out of M2Z is in for refresh right now! Learning I need to fly with a little less reckless abandon...
How about these? (see this video around 9:20):

Seems pretty durable to me..
That's a GREAT video. My couple of encounters have never been head on. They have always been from the side or at the corner.
the dji pro guards are crap. mine broke first tree that jumped out in front of me. made from brittle plastic instead of flex-able stuff. the second set i got are great,,, different material.

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