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prop damage

  1. Skyhawk

    Prop Lock Slop - Could Be Cause of Some Crashes

    This is worth checking to avoid losing a prop, and your flybaby! As part of preflight check I have a routine that "may" have averted a near future crash. Without going over my entire preflight checklist, I'll cut to it and share what I found. One step, of just one of the Prop prechecks prior...
  2. jontracey

    How often do you change your props ?

    Recently someone asked me how long they should fly a set of props before retiring them and it got me thinking. Finding no good info anywhere I thought it would make a good subject for a video. So here it is..
  3. szh

    Minor propeller damage: safe to fly?

    I noticed minor damage on one of the propellers. There is a slight bend at one point which I cannot unbend. It is present on both blades, around the same area. I am not sure how it got there. It was either pressed during transport (unlikely, as I was careful), or it happened when I accidentally...
  4. RidgeLink

    MP DJI prop guards

    Being that I have had a few incidents with trees jumping front of me I decided I could help prevent further prop damage by installing a new set of DJI prop guards. Went good for a while but had another incident yesterday. The good thing is that I did not damage my props, but my prop guard...